Max Keiser: Bitcoin will be world's "premier money" in less than 25 years

29 Apr, 2019
by David Borman
Max Keiser: Bitcoin will be world's premier money in less than 25 years

Recently Max Keiser, host of "The Keiser Report," took to twitter to make a bold prediction that, while it took gold thousands of years to become the world's premier currency, it will only take Bitcoin about a quarter of a century. Of course, not everyone agreed.

Keiser offered no specific logic for this prediction, though he of course is well versed in such things. Still, why specifically 25 years is unclear. Of course, some had to dispute this claim. For example, economist Jim Rickards, a vocal skeptic on Bitcoin, came out to share his opinion as well:

To this, Keiser pointed to arguably the only real authority in crypto: the market.

Most on twitter came out in support of Keiser's viewpoint:

Though some were, like Rickards, skeptical:

Whether you believe it or not, ultimately the history will be written over the next couple of decades. Whether Bitcoin takes over the world, or simply fades away, be sure to stick with Chepicap for any and all updates!

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