HitBTC now supports first EOS-based stablecoin, EOSDT

29 Apr, 2019
by David Robb
HitBTC now supports first EOS-based stablecoin, EOSDT

The HitBTC exchange has added support for two new tokens. EOSDT is the first stablecoin built on the EOS network, and it is part of the Equilibrium eco-system, alongside NUT.

NUT is the native utility token for the Equilibrium eco-system. It is used as part of the governance system, to be staked in order to cast votes on network parameter changes, as well as for paying administration fees for various purposes.

EOSDT itself is a USD-pegged crypto, collateralized by 170 percent. Stability of the token's price is maintained in a similar way to the ETH-based MakerDAO system.

Users of HitBTC will be able to trade EOSDT and NUT in a variety of different pairs. EOSDT is available to trade with BTC, ETH, EOS, DAI, and USDT, while NUT is available in pairs with BTC, EOS and USDT.

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