Brazilian authorities accidentally find hidden Bitcoin mining operation

27 Apr, 2019
by David Borman
Brazilian authorities accidentally find hidden Bitcoin mining operation

It has been reported by Be In Crypto that Brazilian police unexpectedly came upon a Bitcoin mining operation while in pursuit of a drug trafficker. Authorities feel it is likely generating Bitcoin to use to launder drug money, though as of now this has not been proven.

Brazil's State Department of Drug Trafficking was in pursuit of a suspect in Porto Alegre when they found a well hidden Bitcoin mining operation. In a small, unventilated apartment they found 25 cryptocurrency mining machines, whose estimated value is approximately $63,000.

The unnamed owner of the operation denied any connection to drug dealers, though authorities are suspicious due to the fact the apartment was in the middle of a high drug trafficking area and was well hidden. Police are investigating, but the man was still arrested as he had been stealing power from the local grid to power his machines. The rigs themselves were also confiscated on suspicion of being "smuggled from China."

Details are still sparse and it is unclear what, if any, drug related charges the anonymous man may face. Hopefully this is a case of justice being served, and not just an unfortunate miner who, though still stealing electricity, got caught up in something much bigger than what he was actually doing. Stick with Chepicap for any and all updates!

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