Did a Tron casino just pull an exit scam?

25 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 25 Apr, 2019
by Will Heasman
Did a Tron casino just pull an exit scam?

According to a few disgruntled crypto aficionados on Twitter, a Tron gaming ling dApp known as DooTron vanished last week, without even a hint as to what or why it had closed its doors. Leaving consumers to assume they had just become victims of an exit scam…

 This flagrant disappearance was noted by many on crypto Twitter and brought to the attention of Tron boss, Justin Sun – who, as of yet, hasn’t commented on the situation.

One user known as White Wolf noted how investors were now left with “worthless tokens as a result of the abrupt termination of the dApp.

CCN notes how these dApp tokens work, with each Tron based casino creating their own native token received place making bets, these can then be sold or used to earn dividends Frome the casino’s profit pool.

According to the Tron blockchain, a total of 59,082,099.596981 DOO had been mined, citing 1204 holders who now hold tokens which are essentially useless due to the shutdown of the casino.

Moreover, a recent decision taken by the Kiwidex exchange saw DOO delisted citing DooTron’s closure:

“Because DooTron has encountered operational-related investigations, it will stop all social media, websites and other activities included today. Kiwidex will release the DOO / TRX, SHOOT/TRX transaction pair at 00:00 on April 18, 2019, New York. Withdrawal of the order in time; Kiwidex, who has not withdrawn the order, will automatically refund the pending token to the user’s account,” a statement read

Unfortunately for Tron, this isn’t the first time this week that the firm has been implicated in a potential scam. Yesterday, Sun Tweeted out that he had received an invitation from Liverpool Football Club (LFC), asserting that the club was looking to form a ‘partnership’ with Tron.

However, after Chepicap managed to get in touch with sources close to the club, it was revealed that there was no partnership of any kind in place. Instead, the invitation is likely more of a formality used by the club for those who get in touch.

While there may be something in the works between Tron and LFC, it seems disingenuous to call it a “partnership” at this time…

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