Yelp users can now filter businesses on if they accept crypto or not

25 Apr, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Yelp users can now filter businesses on if they accept crypto or not

Yelp joins the growing list of companies that are looking to implement crypto into their business.

Yelp’s implementation comes via request of their users. They have added an option for Yelp users, that are also crypto enthusiasts, to filter locations on the Yelp app on if they accept crypto as a form of payment.

This move by the local business search company is a step in the right direction for mass adoption. We have seen adoption in other large companies whether it is implementing blockchain technology into their business or accepting crypto as payment for their services. Although Yelp doesn't accept crypto itself, this move is a big one for the crypto community due to the amount of users Yelp has on its platform.

Another big site that is useful while travelling that has also recently adopted the use of crypto is Expedia. By accepting Bitcoin they are catering to users that want a more simple approach to travelling, making the whole experience as painless and convenient as possible.

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