Tech giant IBM adds another blockchain-related patent to its list

24 Apr, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Tech giant IBM adds another blockchain-related patent to its list

Tech giant IBM has been awarded yet another blockchain-related patent, this time for a mobile data sharing method that uses distributed ledger technology.

According to Cointelegraph, the rewarded patent represents a continuation of the U.S. patent application filed in November 2017 entitled 'Information Sharing Among Mobile Apparatus.'

The tech giant proposes a mobile device which can verify information that has been shared between multiple devices.

That specific information can then be delivered to nearby computing nodes, and published on a distributed ledger. Mobile devices that are connected to the proposed system would share information among multiple mobile devices securely and without providing a trusted third party.

This patent is the most recent in a long list of blockchain-related patents by IBM in recent months.

IBM has proven to be a forward-thinking tech company throughout the decades, and it is no different with their approach towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Recently Chepicap reported that IBM Blockchain Vice President Jesse Lund, explained how World Wire will solve the problem of global payments and why IBM chose to build it on the Stellar network.

Lund explained in the below video, that if everyone is using a shared ledger, bank balances can have relationships with other banks in one system, eliminating intermediaries. IBM has since partnered with Stellars protocol to create their latest product called World Wire. World Wire is a network that works with the Stellar protocol to effectively transfer and store value for digital assets.

The vice president of blockchain and digital currencies at IBM is as well very bullish on the future value of the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

'I see Bitcoin at a million dollar someday, I have actually blogged about this a little bit', he said when he was asked about his expectations in regards to Bitcoin's future price.

'I like that number, because if Bitcoin is at $1 million, then a Satoshi will be equal to one U.S. penny, which would mean that there is over $20 trillion of liquidity in this network and this $20 trillion of liquidity would massively change the global financial services landscape.'

Sounds good to us.

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