No partnership between TRON and Liverpool FC, sources confirm

24 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 24 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
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No partnership between TRON and Liverpool FC, sources confirm

Perennial announcement man Justin Sun did it once again: earlier today, he shared what appears to be a rather open invitation from Liverpool Football Club to collaborate, and talked about a “partnership”. However, two different sources have confirmed to Chepicap that there is no such agreement in place.

Regardless of the light in which Sun wants to portray the invitation, it appears to be a mere formality that the club sends to those who get in touch questioning for sponsorship opportunities. In other words, something that almost any company which could be a potential sponsor can get.

A zoomed screenshot from the video shared by TRON’s CEO points out in that direction, as the first sentence of the letter, which appears to be addressed to “Vanesa”, reads as follows: “I look forward to connecting and exploring”.

Even though Sun also mentioned in his first tweet that he looks forward to “exploring” something, from the currently available documents and information it appears unclear that the object of such exploration can yet be deemed as a partnership.

Chepicap has pulsed several authorized sources, which wish to remain private, and two of them confirmed there is no agreement that can be called a partnership in place.

As for community reactions, excitement appears to be the dominating trend.

Some have even went as far as pasting the logo of the eleventh crypto by market cap onto the uniform of the centenary British football club. 

However, there is criticism as well going the way of Sun’s approach to announcements, which has been labeled in the past as rather excessive. 

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO at the tokenized voting platform Socios, which keeps Chilliz (CHZ) as digital asset of choice and has deals in place with Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, showed publicly his disagreement with versions of the story stating that a partnership was already in place between TRON and Liverpool FC:

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