Crypto Twitter calls for @Bitcoin account to be suspended for fraud

22 Apr, 2019
by David Robb
Crypto Twitter calls for @Bitcoin account to be suspended for fraud

There is a growing movement on crypto Twitter trying to get the @Bitcoin account suspended. The handle is being used to promote Bitcoin rival Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and those behind it are being accused of fraud.

Opposition to the @Bitcoin account, which is linked to, has been on the increase for a while now. Bitcoin Core contributor Jimmy Song recently created a poll, asking followers what they believed should be done with the handle, and over half decided that it should be suspended for fraud.

Influential crypto account Whale Panda retweeted the poll, and also expressed its support for suspension, pointing out that the handle has been sold to a different user, which is against Twitter's terms of service.

The fraud charges are due to the account apparently being linked to Bitcoin itself, despite those behind it now being supporters of the BCH hardfork. This change in stance dates back to 2018, around the time that also started supporting BCH. 

Some observers on Twitter are protesting the calls for suspending the account, making the standard libertarian claim that 'the market' should decide. Others are pointing out that the problem goes deeper than just this one Twitter account, with the Bitcoin Foundation also implicated.

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