The next bull run "will be bigger," says prominent market researcher

22 Apr, 2019
by Richard Allen
The next bull run will be bigger, says prominent market researcher

Tom Shaughnessy, a prominent researcher and co-founder of Delphi Digital says the next bull run will be far greater than that of 2017.

In a Twitter post, Shaughnessy explains that the previous bull run was largely triggered by “hype around magical internet money,” which may also be a reason why it didn’t last. The next one, however, will be driven by technology the application of the technology and the potential it has to provide solutions to current financial problems.

Shaughnessy may be on to something. Cryptocurrencies have come a long way from the previous bull run, with far more involvement from major institutions like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and JPMorgan.

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee shares a similar sentiment. According to Lee, the next altseason may bring in gains of up to 1,100% during the next bull run- a figure similar to that seen during the 2017 bull run. According to Lee, the first “pre-condition” for the beginning of altseason is a drop in the correlation between altcoins and Bitcoin, which has recently started.

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