BitForex doesn't #delistBSV: 'We don't walk the easy path'

20 Apr, 2019
by Joeri Cant
BitForex doesn't #delistBSV: 'We don't walk the easy path'

BitForex founder & CEO, Garrett Jin, recently released an official announcement on the crypto exchange's stance in regards to the Bitcoin SV debacle.

'Craig Wright has undoubtedly cast a shadow on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, harming the perception of this space in the eyes of not just the community, but the financial world at large', the CEO said.

However, regardless of the CEO's personal opinions on the matter, the cryptocurrency exchange has decided to not delist Bitcoin SV.

'We feel it would be an injustice to the existing active Bitcoin SV traders on the BitForex platform if we were to delist the token', Jin added.

The CEO adds that they will not be joining the ranks of other major exchanges that did decide to delist the BSV token.

'BitForex will remain a platform upon which BSV is open for trade. We will continue to monitor the situation, and continue to focus our energies on finding measures that ensure traders on our platform, whatever their stance may be, are protected and free to trade as they please.'

The exchange recently conducted a poll on Twitter, calling for the community to influence their decision to either keep or delist the BSV token from the BitForex exchange. However, due to a display of extensive malicious behavior, the exchange decided to withdraw the Twitter poll, in favor of an internal decision that was made based on the company's values and vision for the cryptoverse.

'We understand that we may come under fire by the community at large who have been calling for exchanges to #delistBSV — and the easy way out would be to just delist the coin and move on.'

'But we would much prefer to do the right thing to protect the interests of our users instead of just walking the easy path', the CEO concluded.

The reactions on Twitter come came in left and right.

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