Less than 3% of US retirees own BTC, while 57% is not interested at all

19 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 19 Apr, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Less than 3% of US retirees own BTC, while 57% is not interested at all

A new survey by Gold IRA Guide reveals that less than 3% of American retirees own some amount of Bitcoin, while 57% has abolutely no interest in investing in BTC.

According to Gold IRA Guide retirees are not known for being major risk takers, when it comes down to their investment portfolios.

'In fact, quite the opposite is true with their age bracket. This is why it should not come as a huge surprise that they look at Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies with a skeptical eye.'

Gold IRA Guide conducted a survey asking 1,000 American retirees over 50 years old how they would feel about investing in the world's number one crytpocurrency.

The survey reveals that 56.7% of the US retirees know of Bitcoin, but have no interest to invest, while close to 33% claim they have no clue what Bitcoin is.

Less than 3% states that they already own some amount of BTC, while 3.4% said that they would like to invest in Bitcoin, but did not know how to.

4.3% of US retirees said they would invest in Bitcoin, but most likely at a later time.

Gold IRA Guide rightfully points out that the Bitcoin community still has some work to do in order to educate retirees, as this audience represents some low hanging fruit for the Bitcoin community to go after. 

'Retirees are always interested in alternative assets that can help diversify their portfolio against market fluctuations. The IRS approving cryptocurrency IRAs is an indication that retirees are increasingly interested in including some cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts', the survey states.

Their Conclusion: Retirees and younger investors alike should seriously consider long term investing in cryptocurrencies.

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