Tuur Demeester: Bitcoin in consolidation, apathy and accumulation phase

19 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 19 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Tuur Demeester: Bitcoin in consolidation, apathy and accumulation phase

Adamant Research partner and researcher Tuur Demeester has just published his last report, eloquently entitled “Bitcoin in heavy accumulation”.

The investor and economist, well known in the crypto and more specifically Bitcoin communities, has as central premise of his paper the fact that blockchain and Bitcoin are currently undervaluated and into a stage of accumulation, with a dominant market sentiment of hope.

Accumulation is currently evidenced by the fact that the sell-outs which were triggered with the breaking of the $6,000 resistance back in November have currently stopped, with long-term hodlers currently filling up their bags again.

However, the paper also seems to suggest that the bottom is not in yet, due to the low volatily in Bitcoin prices suggesting a phase of “consolidation, apathy and accumulation”. The accumulation label does not seems to be exclusive from Demeester:

An interesting conclusion is that by 2029, millennials will control the largest percentage share of disposable income, an age sector which, according to the study, controls a large percentage of Bitcoins since 2013.

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