Is the Binance Chain and DEX about to go live?

18 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 18 Apr, 2019
by Will Heasman
Is the Binance Chain and DEX about to go live?

Today Binance has put out more than a few hints pertaining to either, the launch of the highly anticipated Binance blockchain, the decentralized exchange… or perhaps both.

Today in a rather vague Twitter post Binance relayed a cryptic message to the crypto community:

Obviously, this caused quite a stir with a few people left to assume that this could mean only one, or maybe, two, things…

Binance enthusiasts are probably right to speculate. Earlier this month, CZ, the Binance boss, revealed – during a speech at the Deconomy conference - that the Binance decentralized exchange (DEX) would be launched later in April.

While this may be slightly earlier than some expected, it appears to be one out of two possible launches, the other being the Binance chain, the firms own blockchain upon which the DEX is built.

Guessing aside can glean quite a lot from the Tweet itself, as it refers to a new genesis block – the very first block of a blockchain; making the likelihood of the Binance chain launching today – or at least in the next few days -  fairly likely…

Following their initial tweet Binance hinted once again, this time with an seemingly updated version of the Binance chain/DEX logo, again heavily insinuating a looming launch:

While it isn’t certain that both the Binance chain and DEx will launch at the same time, they are fairly intrinsic to one another and based on the few clues we have to go on, it seems probable that they may well be a dual release.

Binance CFO, Wei Zhou gave further credence to this theory in an interview at the Paris Blockchain Week.

Zhou reiterated CZ’s statement that both the Binance Chain and DEx would be launched by the end of April, noting that the Binance testnet was up and running, and adding that they “hope to release the mainnet by the end of the month as well.”

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