McAfee claims he will out the true Satoshi, if he does not come forward

17 Apr, 2019
by David Borman
McAfee claims he will out the true Satoshi, if he does not come forward

Recently Chepicap reported that John McAfee was announcing on twitter that not only is Craig Wright not Satoshi Nakamoto, but also that McAfee himself knows the identity of this man. He has now doubled down, promising to ultimately reveal the identity of Satoshi, if he will not come forward on his own.

This tweet was very shortly followed by another:

It didn't take long for the voices on crypto twitter to respond, and while many were supportive, many others were upset. This led to this next tweet not long after:

And one more, where McAfee defends how he knows this information:

Some of the flak he received was people asking if it was right for McAfee to out someone who wanted to remain anonymous:

Others feel that Satoshi's anonymity is essential to Bitcoin:

Of course, some were completely on board and just want the whole thing out in the open:

Will we be finding out who this mysterious figure is after all this time? Does McAfee actually know, and can he prove it? Stay right here for any and all updates!

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Will we soon know the truth about Satoshi?

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