Binance CEO comments on backlash after Bitcoin SV delisting

17 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 17 Apr, 2019
Binance CEO comments on backlash after Bitcoin SV delisting

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has tweeted his opinion on the latest delisting announcement of Bitcoin SV, following backlash from some twitter users regarding the ability to just delist a project.

CZ had no issues in threatening to delist Bitcoin SV, nor did he have any issues eventually delisting the project from Binance. Most of the crypto community on twitter applauded the Binance CEO for his leadership in removing the project, which soon saw several other exchanges delisting or question whether they too should delist the project, among them include Kraken.

Twitter users who opposed the recent delisting announcement have had no problem voicing their opinions to CZ, with one user stating that Binance was "subverting natural selection and history will show you to be corrupt."

CZ has replied to this, stating that everyone can make their own decision, also commenting on what level does centralization stop.

CZ also went on to explain that while there are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, and that Binance do not make decisions for the market as a whole, but rather make their own decisions based on their business practices, and that they support their decision.

Users also weighed in with their opinions. Essentially Binance is a private company, and have the right to delist coins as they wish. They are not bound to any procedure when it comes to a delisting process, and even though the company does have a delisting process of their own, it does state that these terms can be changed as when the company see fit.

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