Charles Hoskinson on BSV delisting: "Exchanges are not public utilities"

16 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 16 Apr, 2019
by David Robb
Charles Hoskinson on BSV delisting: Exchanges are not public utilities

Charles Hoskinson has weighed in on the debate on crypto Twitter about major exchanges delisting Bitcoin Cash SV. The head of Cardano's IOHK team insists that a private company like Binance doesn't have to operate like a public utility.

Although most of the crypto community shares the general negative attitude towards Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and the Bitcoin Cash SV hardfork they both support, particularly in the wake of Wright's most recent lawsuits, not everyone agrees with how Binance and a few other crypto companies have responded to their actions.

Many believe that delisting a crypto because of how its team operates amounts to a form of centralized censorship, which is antithetical to the ideology behind a free society and a free market, and in particular that of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. 

Hoskinson points out that, unlike actual cryptos, Binance and other exchanges are just private companies with no obligation to ensure free speech. Those who want the leading exchanges to be public utilities should invest in or use decentralized exchanges, which are designed, like cryptocurrencies, to have no centralized control.

He also claims that, by limiting the influence of Craig Wright in the crypto space, they are positively contributing towards more "freedom of association, thought, commerce, and expression". 

Most observers agreed with Hoskinson's analysis, although there are some who still those who fear Binance's excessive influence over the crypto space and are reluctant to support these latest developments. 

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