Morpheus Labs partners with CPChain to simplify blockchain services

16 Apr, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Morpheus Labs partners with CPChain to simplify blockchain services

Morpheus Labs, a blockchain project for companies to employ blockchain solutions without having to create them from the ground up, has announced a partnership with CPChain, a next generation IoT solution that is aiming to solve various problems through scaling in creating blockchain solutions.

These two companies plan to come together to start creating and developing DApps as well as solving various problems for third parties and their creation of blockchain solutions. Morpheus Labs believes that educating developers is a key factor for driving forward adoption and usage of blockchain technology.

Morpheus Labs has recently been recognized as the leading Blockchain Platform as a Service solution. This has shed light on Morpheus Labs and encouraged CPChain as well as other projects to seek out partnerships with Morpheus Labs for the promotion and adoption for blockchain.

CPChain’s goal is to offer a comprehensive data platform solution that covers data acquisition, storage, sharing to applications and more. They are aiming to change the current architecture of IoT systems making a more user friendly solution. Creating more value for industry partners is an overlying goal for the two companies in the partnership. Shi Qingwei, COO of CPChain spoke on the idea of the partnership with Morpheus Labs:

“Morpheus Lab can build a bridge between the public chain and developers, thus by empowering project like us, it will be a step closer to perfect the ecosystem. We believe by striking this in-depth cooperation with Morpheus Lab, CPChain, Morpheus Lab and the Developers will achieve triple-wins.”

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