Bitcoin Cash picks up gains from BSV after delisting on Binance

15 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 15 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Price Action
Bitcoin Cash picks up gains from BSV after delisting on Binance

The coexistence of the two resulting versions of the November 2018 Bitcoin Cash fork appears to be coming to an end, following the delisting of BSV from Binance. Bitcoin Cash seems to be benefiting greatly of the situation.

Bad news for the smaller, incidence and polemic-plagued BSV project, which has community-dubbed “Faketoshi” Craig Wright and his partner and almost sole defender Calvin Ayre, as frontrunners.

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After the delisting from Binance, BSV is suffering heavy losses mounting about 10% at writing time, as Chepicap reported promptly. It would appear as if most of those funds are being routed straight into Bitcoin Cash, which has seen its market cap increased in about $300 million following the delisting of the least popular version of Bitcoin’s fork, for gains over the last 24 hours exceeding 14%.

Traders on Twitter have noticed the trend and are apparently cheering it, with some including suggestions for other possible destinations for BSV funds, which appear to be on the run, given the possibility of other delistings taking place.

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