Peter McCormack issues formal response to Craig Wright's lawsuit letter

14 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 14 Apr, 2019
by Richard Allen
Peter McCormack issues formal response to Craig Wright's lawsuit letter

Chepicap reported that Craig Wright had begun sending out lawsuit letters to those who have publically questioned the validity of his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Peter McCormack, popular crypto personality, was amongst those who received a letter. Now, he’s issued a formal response.

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed eponymous Bitcoin creator, began filing lawsuits against anyone who had publically questioned Wright’s claims. One of his long-time detractors, Peter McCormack has now issued an official response to the letter:

The initial requirements called for McCormack to:

1.       Preserve all documents “relevant to this matter”

2.       Delete all publications and tweets that call Wright a fraud

3.       Promise “not to repeat those allegations”

4.       Issue an apology in open court

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In response, McCormack not only rejects their requirements but issues a set of his own, calling for Wright to:

1.       Provide evidence he is Satoshi

2.       Delete all online publications claiming he’s Satoshi

3.       Not repeat these claims

4.       Issue an apology to everyone in Bitcoin

5.       Issue an apology in open court

6.       “Stop issuing bullying letters to people and to end his pursuit of Hodlonaut, who is a legend”

To top it off, McCormack signs the document in a similar style to the signature he received.

As could be expected, the crypto community stood with McCormack’s response, with fellow crypto heavyweights Anthony Pompliano calling McCormack a legend, and Joseph Young stating McCormack has now received “legendary status.”

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