John McAfee to sue Calvin Ayre for $800 million: "I will bankrupt him"

14 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 15 Apr, 2019
by Will Heasman
John McAfee to sue Calvin Ayre for $800 million: I will bankrupt him

As the contentious quagmire surrounding Bitcoin SV, its propagators, and their lawsuits continue, the crypto industry's quasi-godfather has stepped into the ring, vowing to sue and subsequently bankrupt BitcoinSV promoter Calvin Ayre.  

After weeks of threats and lawsuits from the Bitcoin SV (BSV) camp over the supposed defamation of BSV creator Craig Wright, John MacAfee has decided to sling back a defamation lawsuit of his own. McAfee claims that Calvin Arye, founder of the mining firm Coingeek and notable supporter of BSV  - accused him of committing murder:

Mcafee has apparently decided to take a stand against Arye after CoinRivet settled a defamation claim levied against them from Arye after falsely relaying that Ayre had been “referred to Interpol, to the police, and to child abuse charities after tweeting images of ‘pre-teen’ girls.”

The publication since offered both compensation and an apology to Ayre, stating:

“We accept that none of the women in the images Mr Ayre tweeted were ‘pre-teen’ or under the age of consent. We also accept that Mr Ayre has not been referred to the police or child abuse charities over his tweets. There are no grounds to suspect him of child abuse.”

Coinrivet joins the leagues of publications and individuals which have been either threatened or actively pursued in litigation by Arye and the BSV camp.

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Now, it appears MacAfee will do a little pursuing himself, aiming for Ayre directly, citing the “unsubstantiable” claims that McAfee committed murder.

The security magnate admits that while lawsuits are difficult to initiate in Cuba, he has managed to trace Ayre’s assets to “other counties” adding that he plans to “bankrupt” Ayre.

Ayre himself responded to this tweet asking McAfee to sue him in either England or Antigua:

Interestingly, within a reply to his initial tweet, McAfee added that he Ayre in “four different countries.” As of yet, It’s unclear whether any of them include Antigua or England…  

For the most part it seems McAfee has the support of crypto Twitter going forward, with many Twitteratis cheering him on:

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