Exclusive Game of Thrones sneakers will be verified by VeChain

14 Apr, 2019
by David Borman
Exclusive Game of Thrones sneakers will be verified by VeChain

It has been reported by The Daily Hodl that HBO is teaming up with VeChain, Adidas and Singaporean shoe designer SBTG (short for Sabotage) in order to make a limited production of shoes that celebrate the 8th and final season of the popular HBO show Game of Thrones. The shoes contain chips in them that verify their authenticity, and use the VeChain blockchain to do so.

SBTG has produced a series of four shoes representing four of the fan favorite houses from the show. Here a just a couple of examples:

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House Lannister. #sbtgsurplus #gameofthrones

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House Targaryen. #sbtgsurplus #gameofthrones

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Only a limited amount will be made, and in fact will not even be for sale. They will be on display at Singapore sneaker boutique, Limited Edt, and some fans may be able to win them in promotions running through April 25th.

In order to verify their authenticity, the shoes are embedded with special near-field communication chips that can be read and verified using the VeChain blockchain, and also are embedded with special behind-the-scenes videos of the creative process used to make the shoes, viewable on the VeChain mobile app.

While the shoes won't be for sale, they will likely cause quite a stir. Will more exclusive products begin using blockchain for verification? If they do, you can bet Chepicap will be reporting on it.

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