Dutch investors lose $1.9 million due to fake celebrity Bitcoin ads

13 Apr, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Dutch investors lose $1.9 million due to fake celebrity Bitcoin ads

Fraudulent Bitcoin investment advertisements using fake quotes and images of Dutch celebrities are doing a lot of financial damage in the Netherlands.

According to the NLTimes, fraudulent Bitcoin investment advertisements are becoming a problem, that is increasingly spreading in the Netherlands.

Andre Vermeulen of the Fraud Help Desk in the Netherlands said that people who fall for these scams are promised large profits on their investments, but never see a cent.

These fake pop-up online advertisements promise sensational returns on investments, and the fake testimonials and images of Dutch celebrities makes it all look like a ligit investment opportunity to the unsuspecting victim.

'We receive reports about this every day', Vermeulen said. 'Celebrities are disappointed too, because their name is used for this.'

Vermeulen further points out that the damage can be become considerable very  quickly.

'If you realize fairly quickly, the damage is limited, but sometimes people are tempted to invest thousands of euros', he said.

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The Dutch Fraud Help Desk said that 5 different Bitcoin investment schemes have managed to defraud investors out of more than $1.92 million so far.

Dutch celebrities which images are used in the fraudulent advertisements include internet entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping, media tycoon John de Mol Jr., pop star Waylon, and TV presenter Humberto Tan.

Stay vigilant!

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