Hodlonaut legal fundraising campaign is set up by #WeAreAllHodlonaut

13 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 13 Apr, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Hodlonaut legal fundraising campaign is set up by #WeAreAllHodlonaut

A crowdfunding campaign to support Hodlonaut's legal battle against Craig "Faketoshi" Wright has been set up by #WeAreAllHodlonaut. 

The story between Craig S. Wright and Hodlonaut continues.

Regardless the fact that Hodlonaut’s account can no longer be found on Twitter as it’s been deleted, Wright seems to be still coming for him.

The legal letter sent by Wright stated that Hodlonaut is required to publicly acknowledge, both in court and Twitter that Craig Wright is Satoshi and apologize for his statements, which can be found nowhere as it’s been gone along with the account.

In response to the letter, according to weareallhodlonaut.com, Hodlonaut has used his own funds to retain UK legal counsel, which he may still need to pay more if Wright decided to file a lawsuit.

Thus, in the spirit of comradeship, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up by his supporters, or #WeAreAllHodlonaut to help him defend against what Elizabeth Stark called as “unfounded legal attacks”.

As of reporting time, the Hodlonaut’s legal fund has raised $10,462.17 so far from 519 contributors, which is halfway to its softcap goal of $20,000.

“This behavior falls well below the standards we expect of friendly competitors in the Bitcoin community, and it affects all of us. If we let people get away with bullying Hodlonaut, there’s nothing to stop the bullies from coming after the rest of us. We need to draw a line, here, now, to show that the Bitcoin community will not tolerate this conduct,” the campaign wrote.

Moreover, it is also said that Wright and his close associate, Calvin Ayre are putting a bounty of 70 BSV or around $5,000 to identify Hodlonaut based on the tattoo he made public through several pictures earlier.

“As a community, we are resilient. An attack on one of us is an attack on us all. Let’s ensure this kind of conduct is vigorously opposed by us so that it may never happen again,” said #WeAreAllHodlonaut closing their statement.

The issue has drawn the attention of Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who previously commented that he will delist Bitcoin SV if Wright still insists on being Satoshi Nakamoto and suing those who reject his statement.

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Ayre, on the other hand, can be seen of posting “updates” on his Twitter account on who will receive the "legal newsletters" next, while at the same time slandering renowned figures in the crypto space, such as John McAfee and Peter McCormack.

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