Lightning Torch lands at its final destination - Venezuela

12 Apr, 2019
by David Borman
Lightning Torch lands at its final destination - Venezuela

It is being reported by Bitcoin Magazine that the infamous Lightning Torch that has been traveling around twitter for some time has finally ended up in the hands of Bitcoin Venezuela after reaching the 4.29 million satoshi set limit. This charitable organization will use the Bitcoin to provide food and supplies to those in need in the struggling nation.

The Torch was started by user Hodlonaut on January 19th, and has been all over the globe since then, even in some pretty big name hands. It's been passed along by the likes of Justin Sun, Erik Voorhees and even Charlie Lee. Now, the torch's path has come to an end. Hodlonaut felt it was important for there to be an upper cap on the torch lest the whole thing become "stale."

Now, the Bitcoin is in the hands of charitable organization Bitcoin Venezuela. The ultimate goal of the Torch was to bring awareness to Bitcoin and to bring people together, so giving the money to those in need seems to be the best way for this saga to end.

Along the way there have been a few hiccups. For example, a couple of times people actually did attempt to abscond with the money:

However they generally either caved to pressure, or the previous sender just re-upped the torch and passed it to someone else.

There have also been some other Torches created from this inspiration. Ravencoin has seen its own torch created, and another LN torch is floating around called "Tiny Torch."

It's inspiring to see so much good faith and collaboration in crypto. Will more Torches be created and get more people involved? Stick with Chepicap to find out.

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