Vitalik spits rhymes for Ethereum, well kind of

11 Apr, 2019
Vitalik spits rhymes for Ethereum, well kind of

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has taken to the stage to show the world the Eminem-style rhythmic flow he possesses, well not really, but he tried. 

Buterin took to the stage at the recent Edcon 2019 event. The annual Community Ethereum Development Conference which is currently being held in Sydney Australia from the 8-13 April 2019, "aims to boost the communication and interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide and to accelerate the sound development of Ethereum ecosystem", according to the official Edcon website.

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Heading the event, is none other than the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, who took to the stage in interesting fashion. The Ethereum leader decided to rap on stage about the benefits on Ethereum with his team.

The rap is nothing short of cringe worthy, but deserves an applause for effort.

While the Ethereum team can be proud of their mediocre attempt and becoming the next Wu-Tang Clan, twitter had a fair amount to say about the spectacle.

It is worth noting that the Ethereum team are not anything else other than dedicated software engineers and researchers working on one of the worlds biggest blockchain ecosystems at present. The comedic act reminds us much of the Windows 95 launch, which saw Bill Gates and his team rock out on stage to The Rolling Stones' Start me up.

All-in-all, just a little bit of fun for the community to get a laugh, but stick to your day job Vitalik.

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