Vinny Lingham says crypto winter is not over

10 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 10 Apr, 2019
Vinny Lingham says crypto winter is not over

Founder of secure identity ecosystem CIVIC, Vinny Lingham has stated that he thinks that the crypto winter has not subsided just yet, stating his case in a recent twitter thread.

Lingham who always seems to have an opinion of what BTC is doing, and often has got it completely wrong, believes that crypto winter is not over just yet.

The Civic founder explained his thoughts in a recent twitter thread stating "I don’t believe this rally is sustainable for one reason: The market has not yet decoupled the various crypto assets from Bitcoin."

Lingham explains that while the price of BTC increases, there is no reason why altcoins should also be increasing in value simply because BTC is increasing. This has an affect on the bitcoin dominance, which in theory then does not increase even though bitcoin could climb to $20,000 once again.

Lingham explains that bitcoins market price cannot dictate the value of altcoins, especially if nothing is happening in those seperate networks to affect the price. Essentially BTC needs to decouple itself from altcoins, and there should not be a correlation between altcoins pumping when BTC pumps. Lingham admits that "The key indicator for the start of a sustainable bull run is likely a decoupling of asset values from Bitcoin"

Lingham concludes that a BTC price over $6,200 would most likely trigger another bull run, however he admits thats " if it’s pure speculation and other assets benefit disproportionately to value created, it’s likely not going to end well again!"

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