Hoskinson: nothing gets done in Vitalik's or Dan Larimer's lone wolf way

09 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Hoskinson: nothing gets done in Vitalik's or Dan Larimer's lone wolf way

Hong Kong-headquartered IOHK blockchain consultancy firm CEO Charles Hoskinson gave an interview recently to finance and business magazine Fortune.

Hoskinson might be well known among many crypto enthusiasts and investors for his participation in co-founding both Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA), or for his latter support of other projects such as Ethereum Classic (ETC). One of the main topics explored in this interview was the growing decentralization in the sector: 

“This is the first time ever where we’re flirting with the idea of a corporation without a CEO or a country without a president […] That is a very big challenge and it’s something I think will consume the majority of the 21st century for the cryptocurrency space.” 

Charles appeared to have a clear idea of what is there to come in the future for crypto, and he also shared some criticism as to what is wrong nowadays. Hoskinson criticized the “lone wolf” modus operandi displayed by some “brilliant” leaders such as Dan Larimer or Vitalik Buterin: [they] will lead a small group of crack engineers to somehow innovate and solve a big problem. Nothing gets done that way”.

One of his final remarks was calling for a “Bluetooth or Wi-Fi moment”, where just like when gadget makers agreed on making most of their products interconectable regardless of the brand, blockchain tech would find agreements over “foundational protocols”.

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