Justin Sun: TRON is getting "lots of interest from institutional investors"

07 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 07 Apr, 2019
by Will Heasman
Justin Sun: TRON is getting lots of interest from institutional investors

In just 2 days, TRON launches the highly anticipated USDT-TRON stablecoin, which, along with some other notable developments, is apparently promising to turn the heads of institutional investors.

During an interview with The Crypto Chick, aka Rachel Wolfson, Sun, divulged the release date of the Tron–USDT stablecoin token, relaying the advantages of such, particularly within Tron’s popular gaming and gambling dApps:

“The stablecoin is the most important thing when we come to the infrastructure and the whole industry. I think this partnership means to the industry that in the future the USDT will be more reliable, faster and cheaper.”

On top of the release date revelation, Sun also speaks about incoming institutional investment and Tron’s plans to pander to these clients as much as possible:

"We’re getting lots of interest from these institutional investors. I think we’ll do everything to fulfill their requests because when the institutional investor gets into this industry they have lots of requests. Lots of institutions don’t want people to know they’re buying cryptocurrencies. They don’t want people to know their accounts. They don’t want people to know how much money is in their accounts.”


Interestingly, Sun also relays further plans for the stablecoin, revealing its eventual use case as a cross border payment solution, providing further competition for Ripple, and Swift.

Sun also reveals that Tron plans to take this competitive edge further, redirecting it from their standard kicking bag, Ethereum, towards companies such as Square and Stripe with the idea to utilize Tron within the eCommerce payments industry:

“We definitely already have some enterprise partners onboard right now – so everybody can stay tuned for our announcement.”

Well, there's the announcement of the announcement out of the way, now we can just look forward to the announcement... 

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