Veriblock (VBK) trading goes live after successful Bittrex IEO

05 Apr, 2019
Veriblock (VBK) trading goes live after successful Bittrex IEO

Veriblock has begun trading on Bittrex today, following a successful IEO that raised $7 million in 10 seconds on Bittrex two days ago. 

Veriblock has officially begun trading on Bittrex two days after the IEO commenced and sold out. The Veriblock IEO sold out in a matter of seconds with 855 purchasers being able to get their hands on the roughly 70 million tokens that were up for sale.  

The IEO received criticism for how fast the token sale sold out, however thi has been a common trend on just about all exchange sale platforms for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

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Verblock is currently trading below 2x the IEO price which was roughly 2,300 satoshis, or $0.10, the current price is trading just under 3,000 satoshis.

Currently Veriblock is the third most traded coin on Bittrex, with just under 1,500 BTC ($7.5m) in trading volume.

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