Tom Lee: Bitcoin price performance happens within 10 days each year

04 Apr, 2019
by David Robb
Tom Lee: Bitcoin price performance happens within 10 days each year

The head of research firm Fundstrat Global recently pointed out some interesting details regarding Bitcoin's historical price changes. According to Tom Lee, BTC's performance is generated within just 10 days each year.

In the wake of the recent 24-hour Bitcoin pump to around the $5k mark, after months hovering around $4000, Lee noted that BTC was now above its 200-day moving average. This has tended to be a positive sign for its price development in the past.

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Lee followed this observation with a further one that allows BTC's historic price growth to be seen in a whole new light. If we exclude the 10 top-performing days in a year, Bitcoin has actually decreased in price by 25% annually since 2013.

It appears that just a handful of positive 24h periods each year are responsible for BTC's overall price trends, and April 2 may well have been the first such one of 2019.

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