BCH and LTC lead next leg of bull run; MXM deflates

03 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Price Action
BCH and LTC lead next leg of bull run; MXM deflates

Every hour that passes, there are fewer and fewer projects which have not pumped up in so far. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) are just the latest to join the bull party, while the gap between their 4th and 5th places by market cap narrows down.

The Roger Ver-spearheaded project appears to be set on a strong growth path, after crossing the $300 mark today, returning to pre BSV-fork levels:

On the other hand, Litecoin appears similarly posed to break resistance after resistance, as it eyes once more at the $100 psychological barrier:

One of the projects which had raised the most eyebrows over the past few months was Maximine Coin (MXM). Its unexplainable growth despite the lack of sound arguments for the project seems to be arriving to an end.

Currently, MXM is losing in excess of 30% of its value, in comparison to Bitcoin, which at writing time has again crossed the $5,000 mark and appears to have intentions of staying above, while the rest of the market keeps on raising. 

With the generalized growth among all markets, some might think that a project that had pumped by several hundred percent in a matter of a few weeks, would just go down without the need of negative news affecting it.

However, there might be a leading cause for MXM’s descend. As the Twitter account of the project has been sharing over the last few days, a contract replacement and issues between exchanges have been affecting those trading the token:

The token, which sees almost 100% of its volume coming from the same exchange, appears to be very sensitive to any disruptions in the service of Coinbene.

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