Staking in the Trust Wallet to support Tezos, but community wants listing

03 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Staking in the Trust Wallet to support Tezos, but community wants listing

Via a post on their blog, Binance has announced today the first steps towards enabling staking on the Trust Wallet, the crypto wallet app of choice for the first exchange by traded volume.

One of the best-performing projects in the weeks preceding the latest Bitcoin bull run, Tezos, the 20th token by market capitalization, will see its integration with Binance strengthen up. 

Tezos, defined by the company behind the project as a “self-ammending cryptographic ledger” which serves as a POS platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications, has seen its market cap climb during march from $250 million up to peak levels above $700 million.

Traders appear to be glad regarding the news, judging from some of the comments from those who reacted on Binance’s announcement:

However, there was a main question today, given that Binance has not listed Tezos up to now, quite an exception for a project which ranks so high by market cap and has little well-grounded criticism. 

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