8 Altcoins outperforming Bitcoin during this cryptocurrency pump

03 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 03 Apr, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
8 Altcoins outperforming Bitcoin during this cryptocurrency pump

Bitcoin has been dragging the whole cryptocurrency market up in the last 24 hours, but some altcoins are performing even better. These are 8 altcoins from the top 100 that are outperforming BTC during this pump.

COIN % growth in BTC (% growth in USD)

Snapshots made at 8AM UTC

1. Augur 41% (48%)
The prediction market platform Augur started its run relatively late. Almost 20 hours after the start of the Bitcoin pump the REP token went up from $18 to $24. That makes Augur the best performer in the top 100 at this moment, and the altcoin that outperforms Bitcoin the most with a growth of over 40% in BTC. 

2. Bitcoin Cash 32% (38%)
Bitcoin Cash has gone crazy over the last 24 hours, making a massive technical move overnight gaining as much as 60%. Now BCH has retraced a little, finding stable ground at around $250. BCH has gained 32% in BTC.

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3. Metaverse 24% (30%)
Metaverse is one of those altcoins who didn't move much during crypto winter but are frontrunners now the markets are waking up. Metaverse has seen 3 waves over the last 24 hours: the first one started right after the beginning of the Bitcoin pump, the second one occured 5 hours later and the third one happened this morning, resulting in the ETP token reaching $0,94.

Dogecoin 19% (26%)
Dogecoin started making gains on Monday already and got an extra boost overnight with Elon Musk mentioning Dogecoin and becoming CEO of the project for a split second. Now the Tesla Founder has even mentioned Dogecoin in his Twitter bio, writing that he is the former CEO of Dogecoin. As a result, Dogecoin is up 18% in BTC today.

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Bitcoin SV 17% (23%)
Bitcoin SV is one of the two coins mentioning Bitcoin in the name that are in our top 8 of Bitcoin outperformers today. The Bitcoin Cash fork is up 16% in BTC, starting its run at 2AM UTC today following the Bitcoin Cash pattern. 

NEM 14% (20%)
NEM has also seen significant gains over the last 24 hours, outperforming Bitcoin by 14%. NEM released its Catapult Roadmap just days before the pump, and saw a steady rise until 6AM this morning, before correcting a little. Now the XEM token seems to have found a bottom at $0.07.

Litecoin 14% (20%)
Litecoin has been the market leader for months already and also saw a strong performance in this pump, outperforming Bitcoin by 14%. According to some traders, Litecoin, now valued at $80, can even swing to $116 based on the charts.

Kucoin Shares 11% (17%)
Last but not least is Kucoin Shares, the Kucoin exchange native token, that saw a rise of 11% in BTC over the last 24 hours. On Wednesday the first Spotlight token sale, the Kucoin equivalent of Binance Launchpad, will take place, which could be one of the reasons of the strong performance of KCS. 

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