Bitcoin Cash goes parabolic with 40% price increase, breaks over $250

03 Apr, 2019
Price Action
Bitcoin Cash goes parabolic with 40% price increase, breaks over $250

While alts as well as bitcoin have been pumping hard since yesterday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has taken the spotlight for itself, seeing a massive 40% gain in the past 24 hours. 

BCH is now the highest gaining coin in the top 100 following a ridiculous 40% gain in USD and a 33% gain in BTC.

The project which currently sits cemented at #6 spot, could overtake EOS in the coming days if it can maintain this movement.

BCH was sitting at $170 before the markets boosted off the ground on Tuesday morning, and has since jumped $80 in price in the course of 24 hours. 

The parabolic move on BCH appears to have been capitalized upon by most day traders who agreed that the chart looked primed for a breakout.

With the market looking primed for a breakout, the BCH technicals looked ripe for the picking, with several traders on twitter calling out potential targets, inlcuding a possible retest of $400.

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BCH has seen its daily trading volume increase five-fold from $460 million on Monday up to $2.44 billion today. Could we see BCH retest $400 and take over EOS and LTC?

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