Cryptowatch "adds" asset views for "archaic crypto": dollar and euro

01 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Cryptowatch adds asset views for archaic crypto: dollar and euro

Keeping up with the ongoing April Fool´s trend of surprises, Kraken-owned Cryptowatch, a platform providing with crypto market data, has just added some peculiar, rather old assets to their list.

The today-posted asset overview pages might surprise those searching for information regarding fiat currencies. The first sentence of the USD feature pretty much says it all:

“The United States Dollar (USD) is an archaic crypto with a genesis date of April 2, 1792”

The Euro feature follows along the same lines, as a preview shared by Cryptowatch via Twitter shows:

In a changelog were they also wish a great April Fool’s day for everyone, the platform lists some of the similarities between both fiat-crypto tokens: both were created by “so-called Central Banks”, are run by a tiny number of human nodes, have long confirmation periods and are subject to well-known vulnerabilities such as double spend and a lack of limitation for their maximum supply.

It appears as if the joke has been harvesting some laughs and attention among those celebrating today's tradition in crypto Twitter, including some rather enticing displays of irony:

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