5 of the best April fools jokes from the cryptoverse

01 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 01 Apr, 2019
by Will Heasman
5 of the best April fools jokes from the cryptoverse

Something strange is going on, nothing quite feels right within the crypto community today... Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin have professed their love for each other, 1 Dogecoin now inexplicably equals 2 Dogecoin, and SpankChain is now only catering for minors… It could only mean one thing. April fools.

April 1st, the one day a year where fake news is tolerated; mounds upon mounds of misinformation is spread around haphazardly, and with just enough tongue-in-cheek to avoid multiple lawsuits.

The crypto community is no exception, with a ton of jokes and jibes circulating today, propagated by crypto media outlets, and influencers alike: Here are some of the best ones…

1) Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun lay down arms and unite under the banner of love.

Earlier today Ethereum’s quasi-leader in chief appeared to capitulate against Justin Suns’ onslaught against him and his creation, posting the following picture under the caption, “Toward a brighter tomorrow”:

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed by Justin Sun, who simply responded: “Love you”

(isn’t it lovely when we all get along?)

This cease-fire will probably only be for today, so make the most of it…

2) 1 DOGE now equals 2 DOGE…

According to the well respected and highly trustworthy publication, Trustnodes, due to a new hard fork, 1 DOGE will now equal 2 DOGE.

According to Trustnodes, Dogecoin’s lead developer, Jackson Palmer, announced the imminent hardfork at block 2,666,667. This would set the fork to occur sometime tomorrow (April 2nd) subsequently raising the value of 1 doge from the classic 1 doge = 1 doge to the new system of 1 DOGE = 2 DOGE.


This fork has divided the Dogecoin community who Believe that 1 DOGE should only ever equal 1 doge; some reports point to a separatist movement and the creation of Dogecoin classic.


3) Only minors are allowed to use Spankchain…

According to SpankChain’s official Twitter, in order to comply with UK porn regulations, the project now asks users to verify that they are under the age of 18:

This action was initiated to ensure that the fragility of adult minds are preserved from the dangers of porn.

This follows new UK law that stipulates that adults over the age of 18 must register in order to watch 18+ content online.  

Thus SpankChain can now only cater to those under the age of 18...

(here, here! Well said!)

4) Zcoin change their name to … nothing.

Zcoin has finally rebranded after months of constructive feedback from their community as well as their highly paid creative agencies, deciding officially not to change their name, but instead not have a name at all:

It's this kind of lateral thinking that more cryptocurrency projects need to implement…

In a statement on the official          website, COO Reuben Yap said:

“It’s simply but ingenious. How can you track something that can’t even be mentioned?”

Founder of           , Poramin Insom, stated:

"Not only does the rebranding increase privacy, but it also increases our brand exposure as everyone not wearing a brand is now promoting our project. Through this decentralized marketing initiative, our merchandise is now available in shops all over the world."

Despite this new advertising format, the project decided to bring out new official merch anyway:

5) Craig Wright announces he is Satoshi Nakamoto

... That’s it. He’s been playing the long game.    

So there we have it, don’t let anyone tell you that crypto enthusiasts don’t have a sense of humor.

By the way, if you’re reading this after 12, you’re a fool.

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