nChain looking for patent lawyer to handle their blockchain portfolio

29 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 19 Apr, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
nChain looking for patent lawyer to handle their blockchain portfolio

Craig Wright's company, nChain is looking for patent lawyer in London to handle the company's blockchain-related portfolio.

JP Morgan & Chase is not the only one looking for manpower to grow their blockchain-based business.

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Craig Wright, through his company, nChain is reported to currently seeking for a patent lawyer to manage and grow the company’s blockchain-related portfolio.

To apply, one must ensure they are European Patent Attorney-qualified, possesses a degree in computer science, physics, or mathematics, and has a keen interest in Bitcoin and blockchain (doh!).

In a statement last month, the company’s strategic advisory board chairman, Jimmy Nguyen said that nChain had filed 666 patent application.

Meanwhile, the data from the UK Intellectual Property Office shows that EITC Holdings, which Coindesk said to be related to Wright as per Reuters’ report 2 years ago, has submitted a range of patent applications on technology in the last couple of years, like “implementing logic gate functionality using a blockchain,” an “operating system for blockchain IOT devices” and “methods and systems for the efficient transfer of entities on a peer-to-peer distributed ledger.”

With such huge numbers of application, nChain may already be concerned with potential issues in the future, such as patent disputes, thus decide to seek for a specific and qualified person to take care of them.

No comments have been made by the company so far regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, the crypto Twitter-verse seems to be a little more tranquil since the guy that claimed himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto, which earned him the “Faketoshi” nickname deleted his account, @Profaustus, whereas his new account, @DrCSWright is still being suspended.

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