Justin Sun accused of scamming after Tesla giveaway "glitch"

28 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 28 Mar, 2019
by Will Heasman
Justin Sun accused of scamming after Tesla giveaway glitch

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun has found himself embroiled in what some are calling a ‘scam’ following his Telsa giveaway, which appears to have been orchestrated…

Earlier this month, Sun announced the launch of a series of multiple giveaways, including an airdrop of $20 million in cash, and a Tesla, something which garnered widespread attention and hype.

 The entry rules were simple, if a little painful for some…  all you had to do was follow Justin sun, retweet the following Tweet:

(alright, but only for Tesla…)

Finally, yesterday a winner was announced, their suffering had come to an end, having to endure the endless hype had finally paid off.

In an apparent attempt at transparency. Justin Sun, tweeted a video of himself ‘randomly’ picking the winner of the Tesla

However, Sun quickly deleted the tweet along with video

There appeared to be something fairly fishy afoot… 

To put more fuel on the flames of doubt, the deleted video, which was archived by a sharp-eyed Twitter user, appeared to show a split second frame of the ‘winner’ before the random draw commenced.

The clip can be seen here.

Sun quickly addressed these concerns, stating that he removed the video because of a “glitch” which allegedly occurred due to the large size of the 1-minute video…

Now, to be fair, despite the almost overwhelming desire to rag on Sun further, this seems fairly innocuous. It was probably, like Sun says, an unfortunate glitch in the video rather than any grand conspiracy.

However, and that’s a big, however, one user may have dug up a little more dirt on the giveaway; something that isn’t as easily explained…

A user by the name of John Galt unearthed the ‘random’ previous draws from one of the giveaways. The user highlighted that while the winners appear to be using different Twitter handles, their IP hashes were exactly the same; alluding to the fact that they’re in fact the same person…

Furthermore, Galt points out that the eventual Telsa winner, @uzgaroth, (the very same user that appears in the “glicth’ video) actually won draw # 57 (lucky, son of a…):

This led many on crypto Twitter to ask the question: ‘what the f-- is going on?’

A few even harked back to the infamously funny Waltonchain giveaway, in which the project accidentally tweeted the ‘winner’s’ response from their official account, giving rise to the belief that the giveaway was orchestrated…

Others simply said what everyone was thinking:

Whether or not this is as bad as It looks remains to be seen, but for now, Justin Sun probably has some explaining to do…

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