OK Coin announce partnership with Prime Trust to launch OKUSD stable coin

28 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
OK Coin announce partnership with Prime Trust to launch OKUSD stable coin

In a recent announcement on Twitter, OK Coin founder Star Xu stated that the company has partnered with Prime Trust and will be launching their own stable coin in the future called OKUSD.

The news was made public on twitter by both parties confirming the partnership.

OK Coin will be partnering with Prime Trust, a Blockchain-driven trust company providing custody, AML/KYC compliance, funds processing, IRAs, & asset protection to ICOs, real estate & crowdfunding portals.

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The partnership will allow OK Coin to launch a complaint stablecoin which will operate OK Chain in the future. The announcement comes after Tron CEO Justin Sun announced the launch of his own stable coin which partnered with Tether (USDT). The stable coin is called USDT-TRON and looks to offer more variety and stability to TRON.

Stable coins appear to be the flavor of the week as they continue to become more prevalent in the industry. USDT still remains the number one traded stable coin followed by USDC and TUSD.

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