Market U-turn sees BTC back over $4,000, 90% of top 100 in green

27 Mar, 2019
Market U-turn sees BTC back over $4,000, 90% of top 100 in green

Monday and Tuesday were looking bleak for the market, as BTC dropped below $4,000 and alts began to decline in price as well. However, in dramatic fashion, the bears have come and gone as the market has quickly erased any doubt of the bear market taking over.

Wednesday saw the market rebound from a terrible start to the week, with the total market capitalization climbing $5 billion over night. BTC surged back over $4,000 with a 2.37% move.

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

The top 20 all see green with EOS and Cardano both seeing double digit gains on the day. The standout project of the day appears to be Enigma (ENG) which sees a 56,46% gain on the day, catapulting it into the top 100 at #93.

Image from Gyazo

BTC appears to be have exchanged $4,000 from resistance to strong support as it now pushes into bullish momentum once again. The market has seen a whirlwind of action this month, with several altcoins popping over 100% in gains. Sentiment appears to be changing to the more positive side, could the crypto winter be ending soon?

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All eyes will be on the market leading up to April as things begin to look more bullish. 

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