YouTube runs Electrum wallet ad that directs users to malicious site

27 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
YouTube runs Electrum wallet ad that directs users to malicious site

According to Cointelegraph, YouTube recently ran an ad for the popular Bitcoin wallet, Electrum. The ad looked legit on the surface, but when users clicked on the ad they were taken to the wrong site which immediately would begin downloading malware. YouTube has since removed the ad.

The advertisement apparently looked authentic and even listed the correct URL, which undoubtedly was trying to give users a false sense of security. As one reddit user described it:

"The malicious advertisement is disguised to look like a real Electrum advertisement [...] It even tells you to go to the correct link ( in the video but when you click on the advertisement it immediately starts downloading the malicious EXE file. As you can see in the image, the URL it sent me to is, not"

Google, ownerof YouTube, was contacted and the ad has since been removed. This comes as just another reminder of some of the perils of the cryptocurrency world. Scams and hacks abound and users need to be extra careful what they click and who they trust. A recent phishing attack on the Electrum wallet saw almost $1 million stolen from users, so by comparison this event has not been to damaging.

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