Messari's 'Real 10' crypto exchange list will counter fake trade volumes

26 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
Messari's 'Real 10' crypto exchange list will counter fake trade volumes

Data and research agency Messari has announced some new metrics that it will be using to more accurately analyze the crypto space. The main introduction is 'Real 10 Volumes', which refers to a list of trustworthy exchanges.

Recent reports released by crypto research firms showed the extent of faked trading volume in the market. Using general estimates about page visits and how many people would be expected to trade on a particular platform, The TIE found that around 87 percent of volume reported by exchanges is likely false. In the same week, Bitwise released a report claiming that only 10 exchanges actually had any notable trade volume.

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In response to this, Messari is changing the way its OnChainFX dashboard operates. It will be using a 'Real 10 Volumes' metric, which displays data from only the 10 crypto exchanges believed to be reporting genuine figures. These exchanges are: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, itBit, Kraken, and Poloniex.

This shouldn't lead to a huge difference in analyses of the crypto market, as Messari claims that its "price methodology already accounted for apparent volume discrepancies between these exchanges and other components, but we're now limiting our default volume calculations".

In another change to its methodology, Messari will be introducing the 'Liquid Market Cap' metric: "This is the product of our volume-weighted prices, as well as our team’s “Liquid Supply” estimates. We feel this more accurately reflects the outstanding network value of top cryptoassets. We now have complete supply curve information for the top 50 assets by Liquid Cap, as well as Messari token registry participants".

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pleasure to see bitfinex on the top of reliable exchanges. that's why I choose it
26 Mar, 2019 - 22:53
yes, it is real pleasure. in such moments you understand that make a right choice to try bitfinex ot any other exchange from this list
27 Mar, 2019 - 00:43
It is appaling to see the real state of crypto industry... thankfully, we still have safe platforms to rely on; with Bitfinex being among them, my own trades are secured
26 Mar, 2019 - 23:00
eh Bitfinex is acceptable, im not gonna sing praises to it but its definitely a platform id use when the circumstances called for it
11 Apr, 2019 - 05:21
Binance and Bitfinex gonna be my best friends now, i wanna trade in real value after all
26 Mar, 2019 - 23:19
i have only been trading at binance and cant really say for bitfinex however the first one is definitely reliable and secured exchange
10 Apr, 2019 - 16:59
oh, again bitfinex and binance among top reliable exchanges. the hardest job is to support reputation
27 Mar, 2019 - 00:03
Hopefully Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex are not involved in this.
27 Mar, 2019 - 00:26
surely, as it is stated Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex are ok and provide onky right data
03 Apr, 2019 - 06:53
Nice to see Binance and Bitfinex in the list of trustworthy exchanges.
27 Mar, 2019 - 00:38
bitfinex does not do any manipulations and is currently one of the safest place for crypto trading
27 Mar, 2019 - 08:59
as always bitfinex shows transparency and users get all the info they need
04 Apr, 2019 - 00:51
i am not surprised to see bitfinex among the most secured platforms
27 Mar, 2019 - 10:14
Crypto is far from ideal conditions right now – we can see it now because too much lies is around, I just want all companies to be like Bitfinex
05 Apr, 2019 - 19:57
The main and popular exchanges are here
Congratulations to all of them. I didn't doubt in numbers.
27 Mar, 2019 - 18:32
I wonder how poloniex came here. the worst exchange ever
01 Apr, 2019 - 06:44
Binance, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, itBit, Kraken -where I would advise to trade.
I didn't see there Bitpanda although
27 Mar, 2019 - 20:07
from these all I've chosen Bitfinex and ITBit, these are the most suitable for me
31 Mar, 2019 - 02:24
can't agree with this article
it's impossible that volumes of gemini and coinbase are real
27 Mar, 2019 - 22:15
poloniex is in the list of real exchanges ?)seriously?it's an absurd and definitely untrue information
27 Mar, 2019 - 23:03
lol i was surprised too! too strange to see polo in this list. may be they made a mistake ahah. dont think that this piece of news refers to poloniex
04 Apr, 2019 - 08:30
nothing new with Binance, Bitfinex, Bitflyer. but why Okex is not in the list/ I'm surprised
27 Mar, 2019 - 23:38
I am pretty sure Okex will take bitfinex and binance experience and make the exchange better
28 Mar, 2019 - 01:35
Terrible that so many exchanges fake their volumes and at the same time good that Bittrex, Bitfinex and several others don't do this.
28 Mar, 2019 - 00:32
bitfinex and binance are reporting only accurate data. what is more important is that they are cooperating in order to detect dishonest exchange at the market
28 Mar, 2019 - 09:19
Surprised that Poloniex isn't involved in this. Nevertheless Poloniex already killed its reputation by other means.
28 Mar, 2019 - 23:00
poloniex just dead and we have nothing to do with it
03 Apr, 2019 - 12:11
coinbase didn't have any real volumes
28 Mar, 2019 - 23:00
fake trading volumes is a huge disappointment for me – so happy that I got lucky to trade on Bitfinex without any risks to hear something like that one day
29 Mar, 2019 - 17:36
the same to me. I use bitfinex and bittrex most of all, good that these exchanges provide real volumes and no fake data
03 Apr, 2019 - 08:33
I will never call Bitfinex suspicious or lying – this exchange worked a lot to be where it is and I don’t think that the crew of the platform is ready to risk it all
29 Mar, 2019 - 17:49
bitfinex provides onlu reliable and accurate information. they do only fair business and always think first about the customer and the benefits that he will receive
08 Apr, 2019 - 16:35
feel calm about trading volume of Bitfinex – this platform won’t lie to their customers
29 Mar, 2019 - 18:12
yes, moreover after government supported bitfinex it can't give fake info
04 Apr, 2019 - 08:19
feel calm about trading volume of Bitfinex – this platform won’t lie to their customers
29 Mar, 2019 - 19:11
I knew that many platforms lie about their trading volume – nice to be sure that Bitfinex doesn’t practice any lies
29 Mar, 2019 - 19:46
You can use whatever platform you want but according to the latest news you risk to be deceived – thanks to Bitfinex for making my trading calm
29 Mar, 2019 - 20:35
as bittrex as bitfinex may be of a good choice
04 Apr, 2019 - 00:34
absolutely not surprised that Bitfinex and Binance considered ti be the most trustworthy platforms. this fact really makes me happy and proves to me that I use these exchanges for a good reason!
29 Mar, 2019 - 21:12
honestly im shocked to see Poloniex on this list. its really very surprising for ma as i thought that few people used polo now. it absolutely loses its shape and gives odds to another huge platforms. by the way i tryed polo once and now i even dont want to hear smth about it as its speed is too low! that really made me disappointed. annd what about quality and functionality... very poor
29 Mar, 2019 - 22:11
the idea may be that poloniex has real trading volume because it is 0? :D
poloniex is always on maintenance so it can't have trading volume
05 Apr, 2019 - 00:26
i have personal bad experience of trading at poloniex exchange. no way they are reporting true volumes
30 Mar, 2019 - 11:48
rn Bitfinex has got a more positive image than I expected, I underestimated this platform it seems
30 Mar, 2019 - 12:50
Well, after that kind of news I feel much safer with Bitfinex than with any other platform
30 Mar, 2019 - 13:30
ofc Bitfinex is gonna keep working on its own quality to continue increasing it to the absolute max, thats their usual MO after all
30 Mar, 2019 - 13:53
lol poloniex? are u serious? who made this statistic? its strange to see this platform in this list because no one uses it now as polo shows that its level of quality is too low to compete with other huge crypto exchanges
30 Mar, 2019 - 14:02
Choosing Bitfinex was the right decision as it turns out, I am glad I managed to chance upon an exchange that trades in real volume only
30 Mar, 2019 - 15:34
now almost everyone is able to try bitfinex
k limits are gone
11 Apr, 2019 - 20:55
nothing new! as usually binance and bitfinex hold top places
02 Apr, 2019 - 06:02
coinbase should definitely be out of this list. this exchange does a lot of illegal activities and manipulating trading volumes is just one part
02 Apr, 2019 - 07:47
Bitfinex remains stable and that’s why I don’t worry that this platform lies to me about its’ trading volume
02 Apr, 2019 - 10:07
crypto remains dangerous even in 2019 – hope that Bitfinex will remain as honest as it is right now
02 Apr, 2019 - 10:43
I understand that if my platform doesn’t work well, I can try Bitfinex, too much good things is around this platform right now
14 Apr, 2019 - 22:25
You can never be sure about crypto, you may be a victim of scammers anywhere, I think it would be better for me to try platforms that care about their reputation and don’t lie – something like Binance or Bitfinex
02 Apr, 2019 - 11:13
I think that someone must control everything in crypto, I’m a bit tired of lies like this! I think we can trust only a few companies like Bitfinex, Binance and a couple of others
02 Apr, 2019 - 11:37
Havent seen that Bitfinex ever lied to anyone – hope that this news about trading volumes isn’t connected to this platform
02 Apr, 2019 - 11:56
So crypto was that poisoned? Damn it, if only platforms learned from Binance and Bitfinex and knew how to avoid this fake volume crap, the industry would've been all better for it
03 Apr, 2019 - 13:34
what is wrong with crypto now, why so many exchanges traded in nothin pretty much? i guess Ill just place my bets on Kraken and Bitfinex, theyre above this mess
03 Apr, 2019 - 14:03
this reveal isnt pleasant but it had to be done, now we'll have to see who's trading in real stuff - Bitfinex and the like - and mb give em more attention and smth
03 Apr, 2019 - 14:18
its hard to imagine this much fake shite being traded... well stuff happens, lets just rely on platforms that trade properly - Binance, Kraken Bitfinex and so on
03 Apr, 2019 - 14:41
yeah, these review gives us a chence to choose really good and faithful exchange as kraken or bitfinex
03 Apr, 2019 - 22:29
This storm is mostly irrelevant to me as more than half of my trades go though Bitfinex, but the very tendency in question is quite troubling
03 Apr, 2019 - 15:09
this fresh info about fake volumes is kinda unnerving, but since i mostly trade on Bitfinex its not gonna affect me, phew
03 Apr, 2019 - 15:39
not only bitfinex but binance and bittrex as well
05 Apr, 2019 - 01:06
ooh can anyone tell me why i see Poloniex in this news? is it really exist? so strange. this platform lags behind everyone. its policy and service have always been low, I don’t think that something has changed
03 Apr, 2019 - 23:48
poloniex has issues with almost everything, starting from security and up to technical troubles
04 Apr, 2019 - 13:28
bitfinex it on the top of real volumes.
it can't give fake info because the gov helps it
05 Apr, 2019 - 02:10
yes, you are right
bitfinex is the only exchange which supports us government
it doesn't want to loose the reputation so the volumes are surely right
09 Apr, 2019 - 08:21
knew which platforms to expect itBit, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex all my favourites,
05 Apr, 2019 - 12:06
No doubt that those companies that lied about their trading volume will pay for it, thankfully my favorite Bitfinex is far away from all those scandals
05 Apr, 2019 - 18:45
Crypto is dangerous enough these days, I’d better use some proven platforms like Binance and Bitfinex
05 Apr, 2019 - 19:07
shocking news, i'm so glad, that i'm trading on bitfinex and don't feel frustrated
05 Apr, 2019 - 19:20
yeah, good that bitfinex proves it's safety and security
06 Apr, 2019 - 07:51
what do I see… the confirmation of all my suspicions, crypto is still dangerous – thank gd there are still platforms like Bitfinex who care about their reputation
06 Apr, 2019 - 11:25
Another time I see the confirmation of my suspicion – more platforms lie to their clients, I want to see more platforms that would be as honest as Bitfinex
06 Apr, 2019 - 19:07
Got no idea how some people can tolerate all this lies! I don’t have to face all this because im with Bitfinex for a long time already
06 Apr, 2019 - 19:21
glad that Bitfinex wont ever be lying that much to attract people
06 Apr, 2019 - 19:50
bitfinex and binance were always reliable exchanges
there is nothing in it, they surely have not fake volumes
09 Apr, 2019 - 18:20
yeah, sure,
as binance as bitfinex are top exchange and have dozens of users
no need to make fake volumes
09 Apr, 2019 - 20:12
very doubtable thing as i dont believe that poloniex can be in this list. or if its a reality i can claim that soon this platform is going to disappear as it doesnt do any attempts to hit even the top 5... from my point of view it is no longer competitive
10 Apr, 2019 - 11:30
never had any doubts about bitfinex, traders trust this exchange and its trading volume are among top and continue to grow
10 Apr, 2019 - 21:39
stop pretending guys, if you need to lie about your trading volume its better for you to leave crypto – why Bitfinex doesn’t need to lie and their business is booming?
10 Apr, 2019 - 23:43
I’m not surprised about fake trading volume – lies is everywhere in crypto but there are still some islands of honesty like Kraken or Bitfinex
10 Apr, 2019 - 23:52
I was a victim of such lies before and don’t want to repeat that experience – this is the main reason to stay with Bitfinex as for me
11 Apr, 2019 - 00:02
it turns out that Bitfinex has a more honorable history than I believed, ill give this platform more attention then - a shame that fake news misled me so much
11 Apr, 2019 - 00:23
That’s another time I see how fraudulent cryptoplatforms may be – fortunately, I joined Bitfinex a long time ago and forgot about lies there
11 Apr, 2019 - 03:21
Working with Bitstamp, that’s crazy. It’s not worth it. I’m going to move urgently my money to another exchange.
11 Apr, 2019 - 04:14
Poloniex should learn how the real crypto exchange platforms are working. Their permanent mistakes makes me nervous.
11 Apr, 2019 - 04:27
get me some more platforms like Bitfinex, tired of lying companies
11 Apr, 2019 - 05:48
some platforms don’t understand how their lies can affect crypto – glad that some platforms like Kraken, Binance and Bitfinex aren’t interested in les
11 Apr, 2019 - 05:52
It is satisfying to see Bitfinex stand by the principles it claims to cherish, if only more platforms were that true to themselves, sigh
11 Apr, 2019 - 13:58
I tend to trust Bitfinex because I simply can’t find another platform that would listen to me and my needs that carefully
14 Apr, 2019 - 21:23
Still can feel that not every company can be as safe as Bitfinex – especially after I found out about fake trading volume
14 Apr, 2019 - 21:38
I have to say thanks to Bitfinex for being honest with me, the platform never let me down
14 Apr, 2019 - 22:06
think that we might have more transparency and honesty on the market if people start praising Bitfinex, the platform promoting great ideas in the industry
14 Apr, 2019 - 22:42
I hope that nobody is using Poloniex anymore. What happens right now is weird.
Wasn't expecting to see the platform in this list
14 Apr, 2019 - 23:45
I'm sure yall know how clueless Poloniex is when it comes to maintenance an tech stuff - tell your friends and foes guys, spread the word too
19 Apr, 2019 - 04:24
Bitfinex makes me sure that crypto isn’t full of lies and scam, the platform cares about every client and as I may see, it hasn’t ever been suspected in anything bad
15 Apr, 2019 - 20:30
we gotta be sincere here, Bitfinex as actually better than we make it seem sometimes, so cutting this exchange some slack would be a totally okay thing imo
15 Apr, 2019 - 20:47
sick of all the fake news, but that seems to be trustworthy, glad for bitfinex to be on the top
15 Apr, 2019 - 21:17
Ever since I started using Bitfinex, it was the only exchange I required for trading, there hasn't been any need for additional platforms at all
15 Apr, 2019 - 21:36
I cannot trust any given article these days, the truth about Bitfinex and any other platforms can only be found on the platforms themselves, it seems
15 Apr, 2019 - 22:05
ok, bitfinex and binance are on this list
I can be sure that trading there is safe
15 Apr, 2019 - 22:26
you know, guys, whatever they speak about Bitfinex, it keeps on being the best platform for crypto experts, this is good functionality, proper set of tools and diversity of instruments – all this hooks me a lot
18 Apr, 2019 - 15:07

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