Chinese internet security giant 360 finds "epic vulnerabilities" with EOS

29 May, 2018
by Matthew Kim
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Chinese internet security giant 360 finds epic vulnerabilities with EOS

UPDATE: The EOS vulnerabilities reportedly have been fixed, with the 360 report calling the bugs 'epic' being 'rather sensational'. Read the update here

Chinese internet security giant Qihoo 360 has found a “series of epic vulnerabilities” in the EOS platform.

According to Weibo, some of the bugs present in the code for the EOS platform would allow arbitrary code to be executed remotely on EOS nodes, potentially even permitting attackers to take full control of nodes.

The team at Qihoo 360 claims that through the use of malicious smart contracts, hackers could have the ability to trigger a security bug. When the hostile smart contract becomes part of a new block, it could turn all full nodes vulnerable to attacks. In such a case, the extent of the problem would emcompass the backup nodes, exchanges, wallet nodes.

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The Qihoo 360 team has apparently reported the bugs to the EOS team. The EOS team responded by stating that the “EOS network will not be officially launched until these issues are fixed”. The Qihoo 360 team also pleaded through their Weibo site that cryptocurrency projects should be more cautious with the security. 

Currently, the EOS network still seems to be set to launch for 6PM of June 2nd EDT time. This would give EOS team just a little over 4 days from now to correct the issues at hand to launch on schedule, if the reports are true.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the EOS project. EOS has been self-touted as the better version of Ethereum, the second most influential and popular project in the cryptocurrency market. With the news of its problems surfacing just before the launch, EOS will have a lot to prove to show that it can back up its claims.

Qihoo 360, full name Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., is a Chinese internet security company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard, 360 Mobile Safe), Web Browser (360 Browsers), and Mobile Application Store (360 Mobile Assistant). The company had 496 million users for its Internet Security products and 641 million users for its Mobile Antivirus products as of June 2014.

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