Facebook seeking out talent in blockchain, looks to fill 22 new positions

26 Mar, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Facebook seeking out talent in blockchain, looks to fill 22 new positions

With talks about the Facebook Coin swarming around, the technology giant invests more heavily into their blockchain department, looking for top tier talent in the industry.

These positions are all listed on the Facebook careers page, and can be viewed here, but the total positions looking to be filled total up to 22.

Facebook could have many reasons why they are looking to fill blockchain positions within the company. It could just be to blockchainify elements of their company behind the scenes, but it could also be for development of their Facebook coin, as some are speculating.

Other large companies have looked to hire those in the crypto space discreetly to work on crypto projects. One large company for example is Visa. They have posted a position called “technical product manager.” Although this position doesn't have blockchain or crypto in the title, taking a peek at the job description, posted on SmartRecruiters, seems to hint otherwise.The job description is described as looking for an individual that will “possess significant functional knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem,” with a preferred familiarity of cryptography.

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