How many of Justin Sun's Twitter followers are fake?

24 Mar, 2019 | Updated: 24 Mar, 2019
by David Robb
How many of Justin Sun's Twitter followers are fake?

Tron founder Justin Sun is known as a vocal presence in the crypto community, with a strong Twitter following. However, one user recently made a discovery about the new Twitter followers Sun has gained recently, and it's one that could cast doubt on how popular he really is...

Sun is a divisive presence in the crypto space. Many appreciate his bullish attitude and respect the rapid growth of the TRX network, while others see him as nothing more than a self-promoting and dishonest shill. This has led to disagreements with a number of important figures in crypto, with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin being a frequent critic of Sun.

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It's unclear exactly which way user @geoffgolberg leans on the Sun issue, but the research he recently carried out definitely lends support to the narrative of the Tron founder being full of hot air. 

An analysis of the most recent 50,000 followers that Sun has gained (taking his total past the 1 million mark), shows that a huge number of them may be fake. At least half of the accounts were likely created by bots, and may not belong to real Tron enthusiasts.

Many observers saw this as further evidence of Sun's deception. However, others pointed out that fake accounts are incredibly prevalent in the crypto space and on Twitter generally. Some may have just been created in order to have more chances at winning the recent million-dollar giveaway that Sun announced, although it is likely that he predicted this outcome when he came up with the idea for the competition.

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