CoinField chooses XRP as base pair for over 130 cryptocurrencies

23 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
CoinField chooses XRP as base pair for over 130 cryptocurrencies

XRP has seen an upswing in adoption lately as more exchanges are adding the coin to their platforms. The latest exchange to do this is Canada-based CoinField, announcing XRP will be the base trading pair for over 130 cryptocurrencies.

While the details have yet to be announced, CoinField CEO and co-founder Babak Bob Ras stated he will be releasing the list on his Twitter page soon.

Additionally, the CEO also posted a poll asking the community if they were given $100,000 and could only buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, what their portfolio would look like.

Switzerland’s largest retailer, Digitec Galaxus announced its customers can now start purchasing around 2.5 million products using several cryptocurrencies, Ripple’s XRP being one of them. Additionally, Ripple stated this month that the company plans to integrate blockchain technology into video games, transforming the gaming industry by creating a new way to create in-game marketplaces for digital goods.

At the time of writing, XRP is down by 0.59% bringing the value of its token to $0.311. 

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