Vitalik Buterin admits Ethereum is losing its lead "to some extent"

23 Mar, 2019
by Richard Allen
Vitalik Buterin admits Ethereum is losing its lead to some extent

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin sat down with crypto journalist and host of the Unchained podcast, Laura Shin to discuss all things Ethereum. Breaker Mag highlights some of the takeaways. 

Shin doesn’t waste any time. “Is Ethereum losing its lead?” she asked. Buterin's stated with some ambivalence: “In terms of what our model is, there’s definitely been people from time to time who say we need to go in guns blazing.”

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Buterin then becomes more candid, admitting that Ethereum is losing its lead "to some extent,” but explains it's mostly its an early project. He explains that as an industry matures, new projects emerge that learn from their predecessors.

Shin then brings up potential competitors like Polkadot. An unreleased blockchain project designed to facilitate interoperability and scalability of blockchains. Buterin remains confident in Ethereum’s place in the market, stating that he doesn’t see the blockchain replacing his own.

Shin asked if he would be upset if another blockchain took the lead, Buterin replied with “It depends which blockchain.” He explained that there are friendly ties to Zcash and they’re “even warming with Ethereum Classic.”

Unsurprisingly, though, Buterin stated that if Tron overtakes Ethereum, he “will have lost a certain amount of hope for humanity.”

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