Deribit and BitMex twitter beef picks up steam following chocolate tweet

23 Mar, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Deribit and BitMex twitter beef picks up steam following chocolate tweet

It appears that Deribit and BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes are having a tweet war as of late, following several tweets and replies to one another. 

Deribit, which is a new exchange set to compete against the product offering of the more popular BitMex exchange, recently replied to Arthur Hayes on twitter following a tweet from Hayes where the BitMex CEO is seen eating a Deribit chocolate, with the caption "This is what I do to those who dare try and usurp BitMEX. Nom nom nom, mother fucker!"

Deribit has since replied to the chocolate tweet from Hayes, with their own little dig at BitMex. The tweet from Deribit features a box of chocolates wrapped in the "Order Submission Error" message from the BitMex website and also says "food for thought" on the side of the chocolate bars. The image is captioned by Deribit saying "Dear @CryptoHayes, Since you enjoyed our chocolate so much we decided to order a box especially for you. It's on its way to your office. Yours truly, Deribit"

The tweet was well received by the twitter community who had plenty to say.

Hayes responded to the tweet saying "Caesar is happy when his subjects pay tribute." which featured a picture of himself dressed as a Ceasar.

All-in-all a bit of banter between the two exchanges to keep the crypto community entertained. Perhaps we can expect more digs from one another in the future.

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