Jack Dorsey on using Bitcoin Cash: "Hell no"

23 Mar, 2019
Jack Dorsey on using Bitcoin Cash: Hell no

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has most recently become a major bitcoin maximalist. The Twitter frontman recently announced that he is looking to hire 3-4 crypto engineers and 1 designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the bitcoin and crypto ecosystem.

The tweet by Jack Dorsey garned plenty of attention by the public, with several follow up tweets talking about the Dorseys excitement about the industry and the Square Cash App. 

However, all the talk about bitcoin, had some people wondering, perhaps Jack is talking about Bitcoin Cash or one of the other forks? 

Jack Dorsey quickly shot down the idea of working with Bitcoin Cash with a straight forward "hell no" 

It appears that Dorsey is only interested on working on Bitcoin and no forks. The recent uptick in crypto participation from the Twitter CEO is a huge move forward for the community and potentially for adoption as the Dorsey looks to push for BTC adoption in his latest hiring announcement.

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