Online camera models are embracing crypto in a big way

22 Mar, 2019
by David Borman
Online camera models are embracing crypto in a big way

It has been reported by Rolling Stone that an increasing number of online camera models are turning to using cryptocurrency to transact, as many major credit cards and payment platforms won't work with such services, or only do so at high costs.

In the article, multiple cam models are interviewed and describe the reasons they have turned to crypto. One such model, named Gabi, describes how exploitative many adult entertainment platforms can be. She goes onto explain that getting into crypto became about personal freedom. In the article, she states she, "started seriously digging into cryptocurrency and how it could help with all of the payment processor issues that we’ve been having as sex workers."

It turns out she not only learned how to use crypto, but has become a brand ambassador for SpankChain, a crypto made specifically for the adult industry. According to the article, more and more adult cam operators are using SpankChain, Bitcoin, or one of the many other cryptos out there because it puts the control back in their hands.

The article quotes adult performer Janice Griffith, who has previously written the following:

"With SpankChain, we’ll be putting more money into the pockets of talent and working hands  —  instead of payment processors and middlemen  —  leaving models with more power over their careers and options in how they want to build their legacies... Control over your career trajectory is the ultimate power."

It looks like the adult cam industry and crypto just may be a match made in heaven! For all updates, stay right here with Chepicap!

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